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The skating journal of mercedeslove
Just a quick update,

I haven't posted anything here in w hile. But anyways skating is going good. My toe loop is getting better and I can go a bit faster into it, which is good.

My slachow is coming along as well. :-)

Also last night Cocah Kim and I discovered something I can do. I can do toe loops both jumping off my right and left foot. Same for my salchow but I'm still better taking off my left foot then right foot. My waltz jump taking off my right foot is weak.

But Cocah Kim said that being able to jump and spin on both feet in both directions is pretty good and judges love it. So I have somethig to work on now.

That's about all for now.
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It's been a while since I posted here.

I started learning my back scratch spin on monday. OMG what a disaster. I hate doing anything on my right foot, and I'm right handed. It's okay to take forever trying to learn this.

I also tried a sit spin for the first time. I can get down pretty low, but I have no speed really so I only get around like three times. I also have a really hard time on coming up on one foot and ending it. I end up on two feet, all dumb looking.

I'm getting a new couch for lessons. Kinda bummed about that. I really liked coach Kim and she was use to my goofyness. Hopefully I can warm up to this one.

Hope all is well with you guys, I'm going to do my best to get pictures this week too. :-)

Ciao Bellas
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So I was working on my toe loop today. I can do the three turn now, but it's not pretty. So I did the three turn, picked back jumped and okay...next thing I know I landed right on my elbow. It hurts sooooooooo bad.

Anyways, Kim wasn't there today so we had someone else.....she was shocked I can do a toe loop but not a one foot spin. I can do a one foot spin but it goes no where. I only get around twice and fail.

I honestly think the tope loop is a 1,000 easier then a spin. Expect when I fall.

My waltz, loop combo was better then last week, but needs work. I might go to the rink this week for a few hours.

Meh....I wish i didn't suck.
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So I found a rink near me that has three....count them three NHL sized rinks in one building. They have many freestyle sessions and many morning public skates.

Today i went to public skate with karen from my class. For the first hour it was me, karen and some other random skater who obviously skating for fun.

So I had this huge frigging rink, basically to myself. I had a blast. I brought my iPod which has my show music in it and I worked on my program for the show.

I'm probably going to go again in like two weeks with Karen. Her husband is having surgery next week, so we can't go then. But I had a blast.

FS 2! Here I come!
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Allow me to squee!
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Session last night was okay. Though I didn't seem to get my legs under me until it was time to go. Yeah that sucks! Looks like I will be the only person from my session in the ice show, making me probably the oldest person out there and possibly having to do a solo. While you guys make think this is cool and great....I am not so happy with this. In fact it scares the shit out of me, it means that when my number comes up every single person will be watching me. Not me and two other people. So we will see what happens as it gets closer to May 5th and all.

Pictures and rants about them behind cutCollapse )

Okay thats all for now. I don't have much to say I just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive and I have yet to kill myself.

Ciao Bellas!
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"Classical Musicals On Ice"

May 5th 7pm
May 6th 7pm
May 7th 2pm

Southwest Ice Arena
5505 W 127th st.
Crestwood IL, 60445

Tickets are 7 dollars for adults, 3 dollars for children and students.

I don't know what number I am in yet or who I a skating with. I will let you know more as it gets closer to the date.
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Dear Laura,

Thanks for your encouraging words during the Olympics!

Thank you for visiting my official website, Evan Lysacek Online. I use my website as a way to keep in contact with all of the people who support my skating.

I have to thank you and everyone who has continued to support me throughout the years. I sincerely appreciate your outpouring of kindness and encouragement.

I recently returned from the Olympics in Torino, Italy. It was totally the experience of a lifetime. I came close to getting a medal but ended up fourth overall.

I took so much more from that night than a medal. I took confidence and knowledge about what is inside of me. I hope that my performances in Torino made you proud.

I also hope that my performances at the upcoming World Championships in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, will also make you proud. The Worlds are March 20th through March 26th.

Thank you again for all of your support throughout the season. I really want all of you to know how much I appreciate the outpouring of encouragement that you've given me. You rock.

I really enjoy reading all of the letters I receive through my site. I wish I could respond to each e-mail more in-depth. But, I am busy preparing for the World Championships.

I hope to write more before I head out on the Champions on Ice tour in April. Thank you again for visiting my official site.


Evan Lysacek

Guh! That's so awesome! Really it is. I'm grinning from ear to ear!
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